Exciting times at Stonebridge Mills

Exciting times at Stonebridge Mills

April 12, 2022

Chris Knight, the artist behind the popular ‘Cutting Edge’ water sculpture outside Sheffield Railway Station has been commissioned to provide a statement piece of metalwork sculpture for the entrance of the prestigious Stonebridge Mills site in Leeds. His vision for the art called ‘Embrace’ frames a pump wheel salvaged from the mill building and highlights the significance of this piece of machinery as central to the mechanism of what was until then a hand, craft process. The rusted wheel becomes a static statue preserved on a plinth, unmoving, stoic, timeless. The stainless frame surrounds it like a halo drawing focus to its centre. The two parts are an embrace between the past and the future. The comprehensive redevelopment comprises the design and construction of 82 new contemporary-designed houses and the conversion of the existing mill building and cottages into 30 houses. The stunning new show homes are now open for viewings

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