Environment & Sustainability

What are we doing at S+SA?

We acknowledge the impact the construction industry has on the planet and recognise we have a role to play in the protection of our environment for future generations.

We know change doesn’t happen overnight however as an Architects practice we’re committed to working to reduce our carbon footprint, helping clients achieve their sustainable goals and ultimately working towards a better future.

To support our sustainability goals we’ve taken the following actions:
• Our in-house Sustainability Group, led by our Environmental Co-ordinator was set up with the aim of spreading the combined wealth of knowledge to the other members of the team whilst collectively making a positive impact on the planet
• We’re Planet Mark certified which means we are monitoring, measuring and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint each year
• We’re ISO14001 certified
• We’re part of the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge which was initiated to ensure all Architects are working to a common goal and that all employ a climate conscious trajectory when designing
• We are also signatories of Architects Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency, seeking to raise awareness of the breakdown in our climate and to advocate faster change in our industry
• In 2024 we became a Certified B Corporation, find out more about B Corp here.
• We are collaborating closely with clients to assess the environmental impact of projects and enhance the design.

Persimmon Eco Home
H\B:ERT Model of a Care Home

Investing in the future

We invest in the latest software (REVIT and AutoCAD), which allows us to evaluate the positive and negative environmental impacts of every planned build by marrying intelligent design to the latest eco-friendly, energy saving materials and building methods in order to achieve the highest BREEAM ratings.

H\B:ERT is an open source Revit Plug-in devised by Hawkins Brown, which enables us to gauge the amount of embodied carbon and operational energy our designs may produce. It also equips us with the knowledge to effectively advise our clients and the end user to be able to run the building efficiently and capture any potential for recycling building elements once the building has fulfilled its use and is ready to be decommissioned. In addition to the above, we utilise pre-existing Autodesk subscriptions such as Insight to model the environmental impacts of our schemes.

S+SA’s Environmental & Sustainability Statement

Through implementation of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, we will:

Continue to improve and enhance our environmental performance through developing and implementing objectives and targets in line with Planet Mark, B Corp Certification and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

Incorporate sustainable environmental considerations in our designs, having regard for energy and water consumption and use of low environmental impact materials.

Provide all staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to meet the policy objectives.

Seek and encourage feedback so we can continually improve our environmental management processes.

All employees are expected to be aligned with our Environmental and Sustainability Policy and its implementation and ensure that their work endeavours, so far as is reasonably practicable, will be executed with minimum risk to the environment.

J B Smith 2024

Click here to read our full environmental and sustainability policy.

Insight Model of a Care Home
Crescent Gardens, Harrogate


Sustainability isn’t just part of our design philosophy, but embedded into a conscience thinking behind the way we undertake our work. From recycling as much waste as possible including the use of recycled paper, to recycling spent ink cartridges, to reducing car usage by car sharing or using other environmentally friendly transportation methods, we are continuously making small changes at every opportunity to contribute towards making a bigger impact.

With our commissions, we aim to work closely in collaboration with our clients and co-consultants to give the highest priority to the short and long term welfare and health and safety of our community. We are striving to ensure that our designs specifically encourage the use of walking/ cycling and use of public transport, whilst proposing low embodied energy materials where possible to minimise waste and pollution.

We recognise the urgency of the challenge we hope to achieve and understand that more needs to be done.

Recent Projects

Here are some projects relating to Environmental and Sustainability.

"S+SA have been involved with design proposals for the re-development of the Stonebridge Mills site in Wortley, Leeds for some years. Working closely with our client and the Local Authority planning and conservation teams, plans for the site which extends to 3.6 hectares have been granted planning permission and works have now commenced on site".

Project Manager - Stonebridge Mills

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