Slingsby Vale

Project Overview

Project: Slingsby Vale, Ferrensby (nr Knaresborough)
Client: Jack Lunn (Properties) Ltd
Cost: circa £4M
Status: Completed

S+SA developed a scheme which provided a high quality development proposal and responded to the intricacies of the site constraints. Through developing standard housing types for Jack Lunn which could be modified as per the local context, we were able to provide the developer with some assurance that the house type proposals were consistently inline with planning policy and building control. As part of our engagement, S+SA worked closely with the client to design house types that reflected the aspirations for quality and desirable living space, moving beyond space standards and creating definitive design solutions

The provisional sketch design investigated the option of a higher density on the site, however, through design analysis and collaboration we amended and enhanced the layout to introduce a green buffer to the entrance of the site, which allows for both enhanced views over the surrounding countryside and wider village. This is an important design response consideration. Creating long-term positive environments is an important aim for the project team, therefore the creation of private, semi-private and public space are key considerations.


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"Many thanks for the really high quality building that you have delivered for us, the launch has been shared with our internal stakeholders and has been subject to many really positive comments. We really appreciate the hard work that everyone has put into this and look forward to the next one".

Development Project Manager - Major Logistics Client

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