Stags Way
Scorton, North Yorkshire

Project Overview

Project: Stags Way, Scorton
Client: Torsion Group
Size: 5 dwellings
Status: Planning Consented / Technical Design

We were tasked with developing the proposal for both the site layout and the construction of five dwellings, consisting of three three-bedroom units and two four-bedroom units. The site is situated in the village of Scorton near Richmond, North Yorkshire, encompassing an open field protected by hedgerows and bordered by developed trees.

The site arrangement optimises available open space and enriches existing biodiversity by incorporating additional green buffers. The design response is influenced by the local vernacular, aiming to create a cohesive design that harmonises with the streetscapes of the surrounding area. This approach integrates modern materials and aesthetic detailing.

To uphold the privacy of neighboring properties and facilities, many of the dwellings will face inward, with privatized garden areas located at the rear.

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“Thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your design gets nothing but compliments”.

Dave Picken - WHRUFC Committee Project Team Leader

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