Microhome competition

Project Overview

Project: Floatopia
Client: Microhome competition

In response to a competition challenging architects to design a microhome with a maximum size of 25m2, our competition group took the opportunity to contribute to a creative solution addressing economic, social, and cultural issues. The competition not only encouraged innovative thinking but also required the establishment of new architectural methods for an off-grid modular structure.

The ultimate design, named ‘Floatopia,’ envisions a future scenario in which extreme flooding is a consequence of the climate crisis. This flood-resilient microhome is situated within a connected community and draws inspiration from the lotus flower, mimicking its opening and closing in response to sunlight.

Key Features:

Flood-Resilience: The microhome is designed to withstand flooding by being built on a pontoon that rests lightly on the ground. When floodwaters surge, the buoyant design lifts the home above the rising water, ensuring the safety of its occupants.

Inspired by Nature: Taking cues from the lotus flower, the design incorporates timber louvres equipped with solar panels. These louvres open and close based on the sun’s orientation and day-night cycles, creating a dynamic response to sunlight.

Green Buffer Zone: The louvres also serve as a green buffer zone, providing space for vegetation growth. This not only enhances privacy but also contributes to insulation, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

Connected Community: Floatopia is part of a larger connected community, fostering a sense of unity and shared resources among residents. This aspect aligns with the competition’s goal of addressing social and cultural problems through innovative architectural solutions.

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"S+SA Architects have been extremely proactive during the design process, working collaboratively with the design team and engaging with a challenging planning process to provide a successful design and a subsequent approval"

Director - Dynamic Capital and Killinghall Ltd

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