Microhome competition

Microhome competition

November 16, 2023

We recently entered a competition to design a microhome. The competition presented a great opportunity to work collaboratively on a creative solution for something a little different.

The brief was to design an off-grid modular structure no bigger than 25m2 that looks to solve economic, social, and cultural problems through the establishment of new architectural methods.

With creative and forward-thinking a key part of the brief we were keen to take part and we set up a competition group made up of David Ryan (Senior Architect), Roukan Mustafa (Part 1 Architectural Assistant), Bea Grasperil (Architectural Technologist) and Madeleine Hill (Part 2 Architectural Assistant).

The team members each went away and carried out research followed by putting together their own ideas, through collaboration meetings the ideas were brought together for discussion and evaluation before a final concept was decided on.

The final design ‘Floatopia’ is based on a future concept in which extreme flooding has occurred as a result of the climate crisis. The flood-resilient microhome is set within a connected community and draws inspiration from the lotus flower mimicking it’s opening and closing in response to sunlight. Timber louvres, incorporating solar panels open and close based on the suns orientation and day-night cycles which also form a green buffer zone for growing space, privacy and insulation. Built on a pontoon which rests lightly on the ground, the buoyant design comes to life when floodwaters surge lifting the home above the rising water.

Here’s what the team had to say about the competition –
“I was tasked to produce the site model and create the exploded axonometric with the structure. My favourite part of the design is when you open the external wall it gives you extra space to use that is still covered from the rain.” – Bea

“I did the initial Revit model of the building for the development of the other buildings based on the initial design. My favourite part of the design is the way the solar panels act as solar shading for the building also, and raise up like petals on a flower then track the sun as it moves around the sky to generate the building’s own electricity. I was thrilled with the quality of ideas and design talent that came out of the whole process.” David

Well done to the team on a well-thought-out concept.

You can view the concept here, we hope you like it as much as we do!

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